Featured Photo: Mumbai

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mumbai street scene

A woman in a traditional sari walks past an idling taxi in the streets of Mumbai.

I found Mumbai to be a city of extremes. Extreme poverty around every corner, fancy cars barreling down cramped streets, and people absolutely everywhere. Mumbai was the last city that I visited on my whirlwind tour around southwestern India, and it was the first that truly overwhelmed me.

The day I captured this shot, I had wandered all over the downtown area, through the financial district, and finished up in the governmental center. This dilapidated building was just a couple buildings over from city hall and the military offices. These rickety old taxis were everywhere as well, adding to the sense that the city was decaying all around me.

Looking back it’s hard to find a positive edge to my time there. I loved many of the places I visited in India but Mumbai didn’t grab me. That being said it was a fun place to photograph, warts and all.

Logan Brown is a travel photographer and journalist. He left his hometown of Washington, DC, in January 2015 to see and experience the many places he has only dreamt about. When he is not writing for the Nomad Photographer he can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Instagram.


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