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Me at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Me at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Hi! I’m Logan. I am a photographer, writer, and traveler. I left my home in Washington, DC after spending 8 years pursuing a career to discover the world and all the wonderful places I had been missing out on.

I was a late bloomer. My passion to travel didn’t become fully realized until late into my twenties – by the time American society would say is too late.

I had done the normal path. I studied photojournalism in college, graduated and got a job right away. Work day in and day out, month after month for just two weeks of time off a year. “I should be happy I have job security,” I would repeat to myself. “A steady job is hard to come by.” Many of my friends had graduated college, been hired into jobs in our field and then were promptly laid off. Their successive years bouncing between odd jobs, hoping the job market would recover. I had gone to a pretty good school right around the time that online publishing was exploding and the old guard newspapers were imploding. The last paper I worked at, The Rocky Mountain News, no longer exists. It is but a fading memory of a combative two-newspaper town at the foot of the Rockies. The Rocky was the highest awarded paper of the 90s winning multiple Pulitzers for both writing and photography. And yet just two years after shutting down, a Pulitzer-winning friend of mine was bar tending and waiting tables.

I ducked out of journalism soon after and found a job with an absolutely amazing company that cares for its people and really helps them grow and flourish. I moved up the ranks and within the last couple years worked in various leadership and managers roles.

So why leave?

I was fortunate to grow up in a home where both of my parents valued multiculturalism and exploring our world. My maternal grandfather had been a potter by trade, but loved to travel the world as a photographer. His photos of Angkor Wat are seared in my brain. My mother got her first Master’s in Indian Art and spent 6 months living in India with my dad during his residency for medical school. Our home was decorated with statues of Vishnu and furniture from all over Southeast Asia. My stepmother is from Rome and as I was growing up she taught me all about her way of life and customs. (I can make a mean Bucatini all’Amatriciana!)

These many experiences ultimately manifested through short term travels abroad with friends and family during and post-college. But small two week trips once or twice a year did nothing but further fuel my desire to travel. So with a year’s worth of saving, planning, and staring at maps, I made my decision to travel the world for a year — wherever life takes me.


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