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Month 9 recap

Month 9 recap I thought I was quite the jetsetter in September, hitting 6 countries on one continent, but I traveled even farther afield in October! After Europe, the Middle East, and ultimately Asia, all in one month, I’m ready for a break! Same same but different Leaving behind the well-worn cities of central Europe, I headed east …
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Into the depths: the Skocjan Cave of Slovenia

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 in Adventure, Slovenia | No Comments
Into the depths: the Skocjan Cave of Slovenia Only a few days into my relaxing week in Slovenia, I got an itch to do some exploring upon hearing about a cave system that was described to me as otherworldly. Being the adventure junkie I am, I had to see if that is true. After an hourlong bus ride out of the the capital, …
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