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Month 9 recap

Month 9 recap I thought I was quite the jetsetter in September, hitting 6 countries on one continent, but I traveled even farther afield in October! After Europe, the Middle East, and ultimately Asia, all in one month, I’m ready for a break! Same same but different Leaving behind the well-worn cities of central Europe, I headed east …
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Month 8 Recap

Month 8 Recap September saw a big increase in my travel speed and distance covered. I visited 14 cities and 5 countries in 30 days. Woah! I also saw an increase in my money spent as the UK, Iceland, and Ireland, are all very expensive countries. Going into the fall, I had about two weeks of downtime between attending the Fringe Festival …
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Month 7 recap

Month 7 recap My time in Thailand came to an end with the completion of my divemaster training and I got back on track with my journey round the world. I also shredded my checking account in the famously expensive London and got to see friends from back home for the first time in 7 months in Edinburgh! …
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Month 6 recap

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Month 6 recap How many people dream of spending their days living on a tropical island, no cares in the world, doing whatever strikes their fancy? To be honest, it wasn’t high on my bucket list when I planned this crazy adventure, but it has become my favorite portion of my trip to date. For those just joining …
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Months 4 & 5: Recap

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Months 4 & 5: Recap Between nonexistent wifi, an awful weeklong cold, and still unresolved computer problems, I’m a bit behind on getting these recaps out. So you all get a 2-for-1 recap special! Family Travel May was a big change in my travel style as my dad came and met me in Thailand and we traveled together for three …
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