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You can use the following resources to plan your next adventure around the world. All of these have helped me prepare to take that crazy first step and venture out!

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Note: Occasionally, I’ll use affiliate links for products and services that I use and recommend. If you purchase these through my website with this link, the price will stay the same to you and I get a percentage as a commission. Additionally, if there is anything you usually purchase on Amazon, please start your purchases with this Amazon link. This is a way to support me so I can keep sharing stories from around the world. Thank you! 


My Packing List – Check out what I’m carrying on my trip around the world. Includes videos showing how I fit everything in my bags!



World Nomads Travel Insurance – This is the health insurance I have selected for my trip. It comes highly recommended by many digital nomads and long-term travelers and is the editor’s choice for both National Geographic and Lonely Planet.

Clements Property Insurance – I chose Clements for property insurance as World Nomads only covers up to $1500 of gear. Since I am a traveling digital photographer, my needs exceed that. The enrollment process could not have been easier and the agent I worked with was incredibly helpful and kind.



Kayak – A solid flight search engine based in the United States and a good place to start when researching your next destination. I have found that they work best for travel domestically and flights originating in the US.

SkyScanner – Another flight search engine that provides better support for low cost airlines such as RyanAir and Southwest.

Momondo – My favorite of these three search engines. It includes powerful filtering and allows you to save searches that will email you when prices drop. I have found they have the best worldwide coverage.

AirfareWatchDog – A team of researches who find some of the best airfare deals on the web. Subscribe to their mailing list or Twitter feed for the chance to catch great fares.



Hostelworld – One of the secrets to traveling abroad for an extended period of time is keeping your costs low. It’s a good thing that so many lodging options exist overseas to help achieve this. Hostelworld is the gold standard of search engines for cool and quirky hostels all around the world.

Agoda – Not ready to go full budget backpacker? Agoda has listings ranging from high-end hotels all the way to guest houses and bungalows. They specialize in Asian markets, but can be useful worldwide.

AirBnB – A great alternative to hotels and hostels. Stay in locals personal apartments and homes. I have had several really wonderful experiences through AirBnB and highly recommend it. I love getting to connect with a place by living how the locals do.

Couchsurfing – The granddaddy of the sharing economy, Couchsurfing is all about connecting you with people willing to open their homes for free. But the great best thing about the service is many hosts are eager to share their city with you by showing you around and introducing you to their lives.

HelpX – Trade a couple hours of work a day for room and board. Common tasks are child and garden care and helping around the owner’s property. Lots of opportunities in Oceania and Europe.

WWOOF – Stands for Willing Working on Organic Farms. This non-profit pairs able-bodied people to work for free room and board on farms, vineyards, and a variety of other properties around the world.



Bluehost Web Hosting – The hosting company to Nomad Photographer and more than 2 million websites. I’ve been very happy since switching away from a different service and they are always running good deals on new accounts. They offer unlimited bandwidth and include a free domain name registration when you sign up for a plan.

WordPress – The web’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) and the backbone to Nomad Photographer.

CrashPlan – Having a backup in multiple places is one of the smartest things you can do to protect your data. From my previous background in IT, I can tell you that so few people actually do this. I back up all my data to two hard drives that travel with me and to CrashPlan’s online cloud backup service.

Smugmug – The photos section of this site is hosted on Smugmug. They provide unlimited photo uploads and great gallery customization. They are used by professionals all over the web and have some of the nicest customer support if you get stuck.

Moo Business Cards – I’ve used these cards for years and they offer nice heavy cardstock with two-sided color printing. You can upload your own designs and photographs or choose from any of their professionally designed templates.


Travelers I Follow

Nomadic Matt – Matt Kepnes has been traveling the world since 2006 and is one of the most well spoken and experienced travels right now. He also recently released an updated version of his great book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. This was the first thing I bought one year before my departure date. It really got me headed in the right direction!

Legal Nomads – Jodi Ettenberg at Legal Nomads is a former lawyer from New York City who decided one day that she would quit the rat race to explore the world. Her site focuses on her love of food – especially soups!

Never Ending Footsteps – Lauren Juliff writes the hilarious and no-holds barred travelogue Never Ending Footsteps. She began her trip scared of most food and having barely been outside of her native England. She has had one travel disaster after the next and is very open and honest about everything from her mistakes, to her budget for each country.

Expert Vagabond – Matt Karsten is a travel photographer and writer who pushes his limits by striking off-trail while hiking volcanoes or Turkish mountains all by himself. Check out his stomach turning post about hiking Spain’s most dangerous trail, The Caminito del Rey.

Everything Everywhere – Gary Arndt is an amazingly talented photographer and was named 2014’s Travel Photographer of the Year by the Society of American Travel Writers. He has a passion for visiting UNESCO world heritage sites and visiting far-off, rarely visited countries.

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