Oktoberfest 2015

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Oktoberfest 2015 AKA Boozing it up in Munich I’ve been reflecting on Munich Oktoberfest this evening from my hostel in Prague. What a crazy, boozy, and fun experience. I drank an unnerving 9 liters of beer in 20+ hours I spent in beer tents across two days. You might say that after my first day I was a …
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Month 6 recap

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Month 6 recap How many people dream of spending their days living on a tropical island, no cares in the world, doing whatever strikes their fancy? To be honest, it wasn’t high on my bucket list when I planned this crazy adventure, but it has become my favorite portion of my trip to date. For those just joining …
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Koh Tao’s Best Beaches

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Koh Tao’s Best Beaches The jewel of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is known internationally as Thailand’s dive island. It’s no surprise then that most tourists arrive to dive with the 40 plus shops spread out over the island. But Tao is just as good above water as below and is home to some absolutely stunning beaches. I’ve …
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An adventure like no other

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An adventure like no other Today marks 6 months since I began this crazy adventure I am on. I only just realized this when I was reviewing my budget to find I’ve spent $47.95 a day over the past 182 days. Hurray for being on target! I have met wonderful locals and travelers alike, who’ve greeted me with kindness, friendship, …
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Months 4 & 5: Recap

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Months 4 & 5: Recap Between nonexistent wifi, an awful weeklong cold, and still unresolved computer problems, I’m a bit behind on getting these recaps out. So you all get a 2-for-1 recap special! Family Travel May was a big change in my travel style as my dad came and met me in Thailand and we traveled together for three …
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