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  • El Convento Hotel, Antigua Guatemala

    December 2021 Recap

    Adios Guatemala The beginning of December, I closed out my time in Guatemala by moving from one of my favorite places to stay in Antigua (#1 on this list) to a fancy 4-star hotel, set…

  • Reflecting on 2021

    2021 started out in a dark place for me. I was still deep in the throes of understanding and coping with my father’s death amid the global crisis we were and still are living through.…

  • Gjirokaster, the stone city of Albania

    Introduction Gjirokaster (in Albanian: Gjirokastra or Gjirokastër) is my favorite city in Albania, full stop. The walkable old town, majestic manor homes, and the imposing castle on the hill above, all contribute to make the…

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Albania is a country that before visiting I could honestly say I had never given much thought to. I knew it was in Europe and generally over near Greece and that it used to be Communist, but that was about it. When I told people I was thinking of going there, many expressed concern about whether it was even safe! Well I can report back that it is a wonderful country, filled with amiable people, stunning vistas, interesting foods, and an incredibly rich and complicated history.

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Hi, I'm Logan - the Nomad Photographer. I left my job in the United States in the beginning of 2015 to pursue my dream of traveling the world with my camera in tow. Since then I've visited 45+ countries, lived for more than a month in 5 of them and I'm just getting started.