Devout Muslim walks through Mederssa Ben Youssef in Marrakech.

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  • A beautiful beach scene at sunset with clouds in the sky. People play and walk on the sand. Warm colors reflect on the water.

    Run Review: Taghazout Beach Loop

    I found myself in Taghazout on something of a lark. As I’ve traveled the world for nearly the past decade, I meet people, read blogs, or see an interesting video that mentions some far-off place…

  • A young lion with piercing eyes and a calm demeanor is gazing directly at the camera against a blurred natural background, displaying its earthy toned fur.

    My favorite photos from 2022 and the stories behind them

    This year was a great year for my photography. I had the pleasure of visiting four different continents and seeing incredibly varied places all over the world. I began my year in Nicaragua in Central…

  • An ancient Egyptian temple complex with towering obelisk, hieroglyphs, and stone ruins under a clear blue sky, exhibiting historic architecture and archaeological significance.

    July 2022 Recap

    As has been the case over much of this year, I am consistently behind on publishing my recaps. Life and especially my work, has gotten busier as the year has progressed. And by the time…

A breathtaking landscape showcasing towering rock formations amidst lush greenery with a historic monastery perched precariously on a cliff under a partly cloudy sky.
A colorful, quaint scene with a vibrant red door, matching balcony, green shutters, and blue accents. Wooden chairs invite relaxation under the Mediterranean sun.
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Greece, a sun-kissed country where ancient myths breathe life into the ruins and landscapes, is a mesmerizing blend of history and natural beauty. Its islands, scattered like jewels across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, offer serene beaches and stunning sunsets, while mainland cities like Athens showcase the rich tapestry of Greek civilization. From the evocative ruins of the Parthenon to the charming, white-washed buildings of Santorini, Greece captivates with its enduring legacy and vibrant contemporary culture.
A smiling person with a bald head is taking a photograph with a DSLR camera outdoors while wearing a teal shirt and carrying a backpack.

About Nomad Photographer

Hi, I'm Logan - the Nomad Photographer. I left my job in the United States in the beginning of 2015 to pursue my dream of traveling the world with my camera in tow. Since then I've visited 45+ countries, lived for more than a month in 5 of them and I'm just getting started.
The image shows two ancient Egyptian pyramids under a clear blue sky, with a person riding a horse in the vast desert foreground.
Sunset in Langosta Costa Rica
A vibrant cityscape at night with illuminated skyscrapers reflected on a smooth water surface. Colorful lights contrast with the dark sky above.
A person is sitting on a moss-covered rock, with eyes closed and knees drawn up, amid a serene stream with scattered rocks and flowing water.
A panoramic view of a lush mountain landscape under a clear blue sky, featuring rugged peaks, green valleys, and a prominent rocky outcrop.
Gondolas moored on gently rippling water at sunset with a historic building in the backdrop under a sky streaked with clouds in Venice, Italy.